Good Guy Pierre-Edourd Bellemare Rejects His Player Of The Game Award And Gives It To The French Goalie At The Worlds

And that right there, folks, is the difference between hockey players and other professional athletes. Every other sport has been infected by the “Me me me everybody look at me” generation. Whether it’s the NBA, NFL, MLB or FIFA, no other sport seems to grasp the idea of a team anymore. It’s just a bunch of spoiled prima-donnas doing everything they possibly can to cash out on their next contract. But in hockey? You have guys like Philadelphia Flyers’ Pierre-Edourd Bellemare. A guy who can get awarded the Player of the Game and flat out reject it because he knows that French goaltender Florian Hardy deserves it more than he does. That’s a teammate right there. That’s a guy who plays for the name on the front of the jersey more than the one on the back. That’s why Bellemare was given the ‘A’ on his sweater with the Flyers this year. Because he’s a team-first guy. It’s a dying breed in the world but hockey has those kind of guys in spades.

What a fuckin gem this guy is.

By the way, France beat Finland 5-1 this game. France.. beat Finland. Five to one. In a hockey game. In real life.