Kyle Schwarber's Catch Reminded Me Of How Overrated Derek Jeter's "Diving" Catch Was

So, I’m watching Sunday Night Baseball last night. All sixteen fucking hours of it. And in the top of the 12th, Kyle Schwarber sprints over to the left field foul line, makes a great catch, while tumbling into the stands. I figured I’d try to rattle some of the Yankee fans who were still awake watching the game and compare Schwarber’s catch to Derek Jeter’s famous catch from July 1, 2004, which MLB just released their “Jeet 16″ AKA a bracket of Jeter’s most iconic moment, and guess what the number one seed is!


The first thing I want to acknowledge is that the MOMENT of Jeter’s catch cannot be denied. If you recall, that was the night that Nomar Garciaparra sealed his fate in Boston by sitting on the bench, while Jeter was doing…well, that. And I know that Yankee fans are going to blow a gasket over this because how dare anybody attempt to minimize something that their beloved Derek Jeter did, especially a play as iconic as this one, but it’s pretty easy. Watch — Derek Jeter’s catch that night is overrated. It is. It wasn’t even the best catch of the night. Pokey Reese’s was:

If Jeter made Pokey Reese’s catch and Enrique Wilson made Jeter’s catch, we’re still talking about the catch that Jeter made because it’s Jeter. That, and because of the whole theatrics of the situation. Red Sox-Yankees, Yankee Stadium, the intensity of the rivalry is at an all-time high, the captain of the Yankees FLIES into the stands, comes out of the crowd with blood on his face and the whole deal. We get it. It was a hell of a play.

But from a BASEBALL standpoint, which catch was more impressive? Pokey’s, Jeter’s or Schwarber’s? Being that Pokey and Schwarber both actually HAD to go into foul territory to make their catches and HAD to tumble into the stands to complete their catches, I think theirs are both more impressive from a baseball standpoint. Again, not to be confused with the magnitude of the moment.

With Pokey’s catch, you have a situation where a shortstop has to cover a ton of ground, make a great catch, and also had no choice but to flip over the rail and into the laps of the fans sitting in the front row in order to catch the ball. Jeter didn’t have to flip over anything to catch the ball, because the ball was hit in fair territory. But we never see Pokey’s play on the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry montages. Why? Because it’s Pokey Reese. Jeter’s catch wasn’t even a diving catch. Yeah, he covered a lot of ground and made a highlight-worthy grab, but he caught the ball IN FAIR TERRITORY, took three steps and then dove into the stands afterwards.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 2.01.46 PM

Obviously the momentum took him into the stands and he probably would’ve blown out both of his ACLs if he tried to pull up there, and could’ve seriously hurt himself if he chose to crash into the wall directly instead of jump over it. So, I’m not knocking him for going into the stands. But what I am saying is that Schwarber had to actually dive into the stands to make the catch, as did Reese. Jeter didn’t have to dive at all to make his catch, thus making it way overhyped because of the moment and not for what the actual baseball play was.