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In Case You Missed It, Taj Gibson Beat The Lakers Last Night With A Buzzer Beater In Overtime



I say in case you missed it but let’s be honest, you definitely missed it.


Here were the crunch time players on the court last night.


Bulls – D.J. Augustin (played an unbelievable game), Mike Dunleavy Jr., Jimmy Butler (Suprise! in a huge funk since playing SIXTY minutes in a game last week), Taj Gibson, Joakim Noah


Lakers – Kendall Marshall, Nick Young aka Swaggy P, Jodie Meeks, Ryan Kelly, and Pau Gasol



So yeah, not exactly the 1991 NBA Finals. But any time the Bulls beat the Lakers its a good thing. And as I’ve said and truly believe, the best route for the Bulls future is to somehow get in this year’s lottery but the more and more you look at it the more and more you realize it’s just not in the cards.




3.5 games out of 9th but Unless Detroit, Cleveland and New York suddenly decide to not be awful at basketball while Charlotte, Brooklyn and the Wizards decide to stay relatively good I just can’t see the Bulls at the end of the year falling out of this thing. They have too many good pieces and the East is that bad. And add in the fact that Joakim Noah is currently on a tear (7 double-doubles in the month of January) and the Bulls are officially in NBA purgatory. Too good to be bad and too bad to be good. At least the younger guys are getting good minutes and growing, and in Jimmy Butler’s case getting ALL of the minutes (50 last night), so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.




People can rest assured about Miami winning another title. I’m a believer in Indiana now. If you haven’t been paying attention they’ve been crushing people. Just went out west and beat two of the best teams in the Conference on their court. That team can do it all.