Kicking Your Opponent In The Throat With A Hockey Skate Is Not A Good Move

This is attempted murder, correct? I often try not to overreact to stuff that happens in the heat of the moment, thinks like waving a stick or a trip or something like that, but this wasn’t in the heat of the moment as Jeglic wasn’t even involved in the skirmish. He was just a guy heading to the bench who decided, “You know what? I’m gonna try and slice this dude’s neck open with the knife I have attached to my foot.” That’s INSANE. I don’t think I could kill someone who killed my family with a blade, it’s just too gruesome. If I had to kill the only option for me is a gun from a distance, but this fucking guy wanted to get up close and personal while ending a Swiss dude’s life. Yeah, a Swiss’ for god’s sake. Was so mad at the most neutral people to ever exist that he wanted to turn the man into a modern day Clint Malarchuk.

How that results in a TWO GAME suspension is fucking insane to me. There’s no way to spin this as an accident or anything of the like, this was an attempted murder during an international hockey game. Kick that guy off the tour, Doug.