Lonzo Ball Spits Rap Verse Over The Free Smoke Beat

(Lonzo on the 2nd verse 1:25)


Top 5 dead or alive and thats just off one LP! Cant wait for Lavar Ball to be all over the track like Puffy was. “TAKE THAT TAKE THAT!” He’ll be like a hybrid between Suge Knight and Puff. The greatest hype man/producer/marketer the rap game has ever seen. Cant wait for Lavar to walkd around with a BBB Records chain like its 1999. Cant wait for him to say Kendrick Lamar is trash compared to his son and how Lonzo is already better than Pac and BIG. Lonzo Ball is the only rapper to ever crack Dylan’s top five. Its:

1. Dylan
2. Dylan
3. ZO2
4. Dylan
5. Dylan

The kid is gonna be a multimedia super star. Shoes cost half a stack, spitting fire in the booth, and he’ll be a top 5 pick in June. Top 5 in the Draft, top 5 in the rap game. The kid is a triple, quadruple, maybe even a quintuple threat.

PS – If Lonzo Ball is awesome in the NBA this is going to be so awesome. If Lonzo Ball is bad, its going to be SO awesome.