Giancarlo Stanton Hit Over 900 Feet Worth Of Home Runs On Sunday

Miami Marlins v New York Mets

When it comes to monster home runs, Giancarlo Stanton is still the king. Listen, I know you’re excited about Aaron Judge. I’M excited about Aaron Judge. The kid hits bombs, and he’s off to a hot start in his rookie season, leading the majors in home runs with 13 coming into today. But at the end of the day, he’s roughly one month into his first full season in the big leagues. Meanwhile, Stanton has been launching bombs at laugh out loud distances for nearly the last decade.

I’ve got no problem with drawing comps to major league players for top prospects or first-year players, and I can see why the Stanton to Judge comparisons are being drawn, but let’s pump the brakes before we crown Judge as the new Stanton. He might be the NEXT Stanton, but he can’t be the NEW Stanton if the original Stanton is still here blasting baseballs into outer space. That second home run that Stanton hit was the longest home run ever hit at Citi Field. Until he slows down on the whole hitting 900 feet worth of homers in one day thing, then this is still Big Dick Stanton’s yard.