Max Scherzer Joined Philly Fans In Booing Jayson Werth

Little good news, bad news from yesterday’s game. The bad news of course is the Phillies walked it off in the bottom of the 10th, capping a comeback from a 3 run hole. Despite being 21-10 on the season, the Nats bullpen continues to be shaky at best. They are going to have to make a move sooner than later, because you can only score 10+ runs a game so many times before needing a solid bullpen to hold a close lead.

The good news though was Jayson Werth continued to punish his old squad, going 4/5 with 2 HRs. He absolutely loves hitting at Citizens Bank Park…and the fans absolutely love booing him

WaPo - Werth was at it again Sunday with hits in his first four at-bats, including a double and a pair of home runs, at Citizens Bank Park, which he called home for four seasons. As Werth rounded the bases on his solo home run in the first inning, the boos that he has come to expect in Philadelphia rained down from the stands — and from at least one familiar face in the Nationals’ dugout.

As teammates laughed, Max Scherzer cupped his hands around his mouth, leaned over the railing and let Werth have it.

After Werth punctuated a two-run home run in the fifth inning with a bat flip, Scherzer turned toward the fans behind the Nationals’ dugout and booed again.

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Woulda loved to get out of there with a W, but fun game nonetheless. Tanner Roark went 6 strong and only gave up 2 hits, wish they could have left town with the sweep.