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Kyle Schwarber Had The Best Catch Of The Year, In A Game We'd All Like To Forget

I don’t even know why I’m awake right now, or why I care so much about a loss in early May but here we are. 18 fucking innings last night. Every strikeout streak broken. Inning after inning of outs and Joe West changing what is and isn’t a strike on a whim. The takeaway besides another home sweep, which is starting to raise a tiny bit of concern, is this Kyle Schwarber catch. The guy we’ve all defended to the end of the earth and back when it comes to his defense coming up with a catch of the year candidate. I stayed up until 2 am watching this mess of a game come to it’s inevitable shitty conclusion, but at least I got to see this Schwarber catch. Hell of an effort. Now if we could win a couple baseball games that would be nice.


I don’t know how Anthony Rizzo survived this seemingly unscathed. He’s not human. 100 mph direct shot to the forearm in 40 degree weather, it hurts just watching it.