Wizards Go On A 26-0 Run, Which Is Optimal For Winning Basketball Games

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 8.43.34 AM

And that’s how you knot a series up at 2. The Wizards absolutely punished the Celtics in games 3 and 4 at Verizon Center, winning by a combined 46 points. John Wall was his usual John Wall self yesterday, dropping in for a casual 25 and 12. Bradley Beal put together a full game, dropping 29 on 11/16 shooting. When him and Wall are on fire like that, they are an unstoppable team. And a 26-0 run. Wow. That bitch Kelly Olynyk was nowhere to be found. Not for nothing, the last time I saw a 26-0 run was last week when Dave Portnoy tried to be a head coach. And Dave just stood there on the sideline, not saying a word, and he didn’t have Isaiah Thomas at his disposal. Spin zone for the Barstool basketball team: Is Portnoy the same caliber coach as Brad Stevens?

At the beginning of the series I predicted Wiz in 5, and if not for that pesky IT being unreal at basketball, I think we woulda got it. Wizards should win game 5 up in Boston on Wednesday and then close it out at home on Friday. A full 7 game series would be fun…I mean this whole series is maybe the most fun I’ve had watching basketball in forever, but this thing is DONE. Bring on LeBron, bitches.