Scientists Contend That Eating Your Boogers Is Actually Good


It might be wise to look away now if you are eating or have a weak stomach, but scientists have discovered that ingesting bogies is good for teeth, and overall health.
Scientists at a number of universities including Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say parents should not discourage their children from picking their noses because they contain ‘a rich reservoir of good bacteria.’

Eating snot can also prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth, according to the article published in the journal of the American Society for Microbiology.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that scientists are back at it again. I felt like it was my duty to inform you about this development but with a bit of caution. While eating boogers might be good for your teeth and overall health, it’s still not the best look in the world.

“But Chaps. If eating boogers is good for my teeth, shouldn’t I be knuckle deep by noon? After all, the teeth are the eyes of the mouth.”

Fair. Let’s move on.

I wouldn’t recommend going to your local gym and ripping a few boogies between sets. I wouldn’t load up the squat rack, activate your glutes, and pop a few boogers like they are some sort of nasal-born creatine. I’d stick with some pre-workout. I’m not a personal trainer but that’s my advice. (I will not comment on the fact that boogers allow you to achieve lean gains. There simply isn’t enough evidence at this time)

How do you even stumble on this type of research? Are you sitting in front of your TV and thinking, “You know what… are boogers actually good for you? Well, it’s hard to say” so you throw on your white coat and run off to the lab for some intense research.

I bet they were watching The Office.