New York Yankees Baseball: Week Five (For Real and Here to Stay)

“Hey Jenny did ya hear? The Yanks are back.”

Last Week: 4-1 Taking both series against division favorites Boston and Baltimore, including the massive 11-4 comeback against the O’s.

Kicking off the month of May, New York welcomed division foe Toronto to town for a three game set. Over the last few years the Jays have given New York all sorts of problems whether it be at home or on the road so this series would be a good test despite Toronto’s early season struggles. With a Thursday off, the Yanks then headed to the windy city for a very cool weekend swing at Wrigley, with two of the games nationally televised. It was time for the whole country to see the Bombers on a big time stage. Oh, it was also time for the return for the great one El Gary. Let’s do it boys and girls…

18 Innings

It was just a normal Yankees win Sunday night, until it wasn’t. With a comfortable 4-1 lead gone in the blink of an eye (Chapman’s first three run blown save in five years) the Yanks and Cubs dueled for 18 innings and I stayed up for every second like an IDIOT. We had starting pitcher’s pinch hitting, catchers playing first base, and the ever lasting fear of Tommy Layne coming in for a save (this didn’t happen thankfully). There were 48 strikeouts combined, which was the most in a game in MLB history. Just a quick heads up, baseball has been going on for a LONG TIME so this being a record is a crazy big deal. It was also the longest Sunday Night Baseball game in it’s history, forcing us fans to sit through the horrifying commentary of Jessica Mendoza begging for the MLB to end games in ties after 12 innings. I debated watching the late innings on mute, but I couldn’t do it. She needs to go, but that’s for another time. Let’s look at some positives….

Luis Severino Pitched Maybe The Most Complete Game of His Career

Sevy was marvelous on Sunday night in Wrigley. His location was fantastic (one walk) and 20 of his 21 outs came by ground out (11) or strikeout (9). If you’re putting up numbers like that you’re going to be very, very successful in this league. It was an awesome rebound from his hiccup against the Jays on Monday where he left a ton of balls up in the zone and got punished all night for it. He’ll get the ball against the Stros this weekend, rolling in with a promising 45/7 K:BB ratio.

Chris Carter Continues To Be The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I’ve never witnessed anything like this. He has virtually no chance to get a hit when he steps to the plate. Chason Shreve in his FIRST AT BAT OF HIS CAREER actually looked more like a professional hitter in the 18th inning Sunday night than Carter did in his two at bats. He makes me smile every time he steps to the plate, but it’s a sadistic, I’m going to blow my brains out type of smile. Hell, even Big Mike puts up a better at bat than this fucking guy.


The Overall Cubs Series

The New York Yankees went into Wrigley Field and swept the Chicago Cubs. Nope, I didn’t think I’d be writing that sentence this year, but here we are. It all started on Friday when Brett Gardner brought the Yanks back from the dead with two outs in the ninth.

I feel like every week I’m writing this, but this was the biggest moment of the season thus far. A few weeks ago I said the same thing about Castro’s game tying shot in the ninth, and maybe I’ll be saying it next week about a crazy moment against the Astros. What I’m getting at is that this team is very special and we’re going to be getting insane moments like these all year.

On Saturday, as I expected, Brett Anderson got SHELLED early and didn’t survive the first. Giving Jordan Montgomery a quick five run cushion, he was able to attack the zone with a very good change up and curve ball all night. He did walk four guys which is unacceptable, especially for a control pitcher like himself, but besides Zobrist’s triple in the seventh he didn’t allow any hard hit balls. Monty lowered his ERA to 3.81 and got the well deserved road victory. He’ll get the Astros at home on Friday in another tough test.

The Week of Brett Gardner

I guess Gardy got tired of everyone else mashing in this lineup, so he decided to join the party

He got it going Tuesday night when he belted two home runs, which helped New York get out to a healthy lead against the Jays. On the week, Gardner absolutely RAKED going 11 for 26 with three homers and six runs batted in. If Gardner is going to stay hot and add to this onslaught, then it’s actually game over for opposing pitchers.

Gary Sanchez Returns

Our favorite son Gary returned from the disabled list after about a month absence. It was perfect he didn’t have to be rushed back since the Yanks have continued to dominate the baseball world, and now he’s returned to wreak havoc. If he played for another New York team that plays over in Flushing he may have returned after just a week, and then gone on to tear every muscle in his body and end his career soon after. Shout out to the homie Ray Ramirez. After going 0-4 on Friday, Gary showed signs of his old self on Saturday, ripping two singles in the Yankees win.

He got the day off yesterday, but since the game lasted 24 hours he pinched hit in extras and ended up getting on base all three times he stepped to the dish. With Gary back, he’ll slide into the lineup right before Judge and get a lot of pitches to hit as no one wants to face that behemoth at the moment.

Aaron Hicks Appreciation

I wanted no part of Aaron Hicks to begin the year. After an abysmal 2016 where he hit .217 and had an OBP of .281, he’s completely turned it around thus far. It seems like he’s getting on base almost every other at bat, and the stats back that up as his slash line stands at .338/.459/1.121 after 68 at bats. On Saturday he absolutely took over, going 4-5 with 3 RBIs.

He was mainly brought in for his great defense and cannon of an arm, but this hitting has forced Girardi’s hand to get him as many at bats as possible.

Binder Joe Moment

Last night in the bottom of the 16th Anthony Rizzo stepped to the dish with two outs against Chason Shreve. Who was on deck? JOHN LACKEY. What did Joe decide to do? Pitch to Rizzo. I lost my goddamn mind as the count grew to 3-1. Thankfully that was enough for Joe to give the intentional walk sign finally and bring up Lackey who proceeded to strike out. Binder Joe takes years off my life. To be honest, in an 18 inning interleague game I expected more crazy shit out of him so props to Joe for staying sane. If Bryan Mitchell was still in the majors I bet he would’ve played some first last night.

Chase Headley Error of the Week

I’m upset. I can’t find any video of Chase Headley’s error on Friday against the Cubs, but trust me it was incredible. After Gardy played hero ball and put the Yanks up 3-2, Chapman came in to close the door. Addison Russell led off the 9th with a sharp grounder to third. Instead of being a normal third baseman and putting his body in front of the ball, he decided to be the asshole that he is and tried to back hand it. What happened? The ball scooted right on by for a nice E5 and the tying run wound up on second. God he’s the worst.


Web Gem of the Week

Hicks really thought he was camped under that one huh?

No, actually this was the web gem of the week. Wasn’t even for the Yanks but it was so awesome it had to be included here.

No Big Deal But Kind Of A Deal Of The Week:
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.57.17 AM

Is having the best record in baseball good? They said we couldn’t beat the good teams, well what about now? Hmmm

Looking Ahead: Jeter Week

Tonight, the Yanks travel to Cincinnati and take on the surprising first place Reds. Tanaka is on the hill and Girardi is going to need massive length from his ace after the bullpen was ravaged through last night. Expect a few call ups for tonight to get some fresh arms available in the pen. Betances only threw an inning last night so I’m expecting him to be the closer if needed. After a quick two game series in sky line chili central, the Bombers head home for a four game weekend stint against the first place Astros. Sunday night will be an emotional one as the Yanks retire #2 and Derek Jeter gets his monument plaque. JJ was able to find a sneak peek of what the plaque looks like so check that out here.

If you were along for the ride on Twitter last night we had a blast. If you weren’t, then follow me @ehubbs13 and let’s continue to roll here.