College Lacrosse Selection Sunday LIVE BLOG Is Officially Live


What: NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Selection Show

When: Tonight at 9pm EST (not that any other time zone matters anywhere)

Where: ESPNU if they haven’t fired everybody that works there yet

It’s been a wild season of college lacrosse so far. Upset after upset after upset. We went weeks without a team being able to repeat as #1 in the country. Nothing made sense from the beginning and nothing made sense even as we wrapped up conference championships. The media polls have been a mess. The coaches polls have been a mess. It’s been a wild ride since February and tonight at 9, we find out which teams get to keep the ride going in the NCAA tournament.

17 teams will be selected for the tournament tonight. 9 already know who they are after winning their conference for an AQ. Those teams are

  • Maryland (B1G)
  • Yale (Ivy)
  • Towson (CAA)
  • Albany (America East)
  • Loyola (Patriot)
  • Marquette (Big East)
  • Air Force (SoCon)
  • Monmouth (MAAC)
  • Bryant (NEC)

Which means there are 8 more at-large bids up for grabs. Right off the bat you have Syracuse, Duke and Notre Dame out of the ACC. Now here’s the thing. Winning the ACC doesn’t get you an AQ this year since there’s only 5 teams in the conference. So even though UNC won the conference, their 8-7 record could still have them on the bubble. However, winning the ACC has to be treated as a technical AQ since you have to beat the best teams in the nation for the title. So UNC, who is actually bad, will grab a spot as well. There’s 4 ACC schools taking up 8 of the at-larges. Then you have Ohio State for sure out of the B1G. I have to imagine that Penn State gets a bid out of the B1G too. Denver really shouldn’t get invited to the tournament since they fucked everything up and let Marquette win the Big East again but that’s neither here nor there. Denver will get an at-large. So that now leaves just 1 more spot for either Hofstra, Rutgers, Johns Hopkins, Army or Richmond.

Breakdown: 4 ACC schools. 3/4 B1G schools. 2 Big East. 1/2 Patriot. 1/2 CAA. My money would be on Rutgers to get a go instead of Hofstra but I guess that’s what we’ll find out tonight.


UPDATE: Here’s the bracket. We’ll have more of a breakdown on it tomorrow.


Just a few quick notes before we close out tonight.

1) How in the fuck is Hopkins a 6-seed? I didn’t even have them in the tournament, let alone hosting a 1st round game

2) Albany vs UNC is going to be the most entertaining game of the 1st round. Then the fact that either of those teams have to play Maryland in the quarters instead of the final four is a sham.

3) Final Four Prediction: Albany, Denver, Ohio State, Syracuse