Matt Harvey Suspended 3 Days By Mets For Violating Team Rules

Big J stuff:

Matt Harvey getting suspended for violating team was one of the easier Mets Bingo squares to fill. We’ve already had the minor injuries turned into major injuries box filled a million times as well as the bullpen being TAXED by May. So Matt Harvey getting suspended for probably doing his typical bullshit during a weekend in New York just makes this feel like a true Mets season.

The one thing I didn’t see was the rally dildo falling out of the sky and into our lives. And it’s for that reason that I’m not worried about this Harvey suspension. This entire hot streak by the Mets has been about overcoming the odds and Ray Ramirez’s touch of death. A few games missed by 2017 Matt Harvey ain’t no thang. This team isn’t relying on Harvey and his 5.14 ERA. Black Knight, Dark Knight, Good Night! The Dildo Boyz don’t get fucked. The Dildo Boyz fuck you. This is all just another day in paradise for Mets fans. We were born in the darkness. And now the team is starting to thrive in it. I am embracing the suck and hoping this hot streak continues against all odds (Or as long as the Marlins keep shooting themselves in the foot with a bazooka). I’m not gonna let Matt Harvey derail the Rally Dildo’s good mojo. And neither will #MetsTwitter, that continues to make lemonade out of the lemons shoved down our throats and up our asses by the Mets.


Can’t wait for Frank’s vlog about Harvey and Mount Francesa to erupt tomorrow.