Conor McGregor's Newborn Baby Has Over 50,000 Instagram Followers Already

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You wanna talk about kings doing king things? Conor McGregor and longtime girlfriend Dee Devlin having a baby on Friday, and that baby having 50k+ Instagram followers already, that’s a king thing. The Notorious One’s baby has more followers than the majority of the UFC just for existing. I’m surprised he’s not already posting shirtless selfies talking about conditioning or pictures of his Gucci shoes.

I’ve been known to pay homage to McGregor in the past…

…so over the weekend I received the stupid fucking question: “Are you gonna make your kid an Instagram when you have one?!”

No, you assholes. I’m not a lunatic. I made my future kid an Instagram already. Gotta lock down that handle early. So please, follow @octagonbobjr on there and stay tuned for a solid decade.

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