It Was Probably Ill-Advised For Radko Gudas To Punch Claude Giroux At The World Championships

Oh for fuck’s sake. I was just getting over how big of jackasses the Flyers are. Between them lucking out with getting the 2nd overall pick plus Giroux just being named captain of Team Canada at the Worlds, I was so close to convincing myself that they were actually a good team. Then Radko Gudas comes out of nowhere and clocks Claude with a right fist to the jaw and I remembered exactly what is wrong with this team. They’re dumbasses. All of them. They are the dumbest group of shit heads in the National Hockey League. You could open up their skulls and they’d have a plate of mashed potatoes for brains.

Anyway, this is probably a great way to get yourself traded from your current team. Maybe Gudas just doesn’t want to be in Philly anymore. Michal Neuvirth just had a kid with Gudas’ sister. Maybe he can’t handle the fact that he has to share a locker room with somebody who has bang and is probably still banging his sister? I don’t know. But if this wasn’t a calculated move to get Hextall to trade him this offseason, then Radko Gudas is the dumbest idiot at the Shit Brain Factory. And that’s saying something considering how many shit brains are on the Flyers.