The Inventor Of The Fidget Spinner Doesn't Make Any Money Off Of Them Because She Couldn't Afford To Renew The $400 Patent


Daily Mail- The inventor of the the ‘fidget spinner’ that is taking playgrounds by storm is not making a penny because she could not afford $400 (£310) to renew the patent. Catherine Hettinger originally came up with the concept 20 years ago as a way of occupying her daughter and helping ADHD sufferers, but they have only recently become a craze and tens of millions of units have now been sold.

The 62-year-old had a patent from 1997 until 2005, but was not able to afford the fee to renew her exclusivity to the gadgets, which was $400, the equivalent of around £310. This means that Mrs Hettinger, from Florida, has to sit back and watch the companies developing the modern version of her invention, without getting any money.

That right there is a fucking nightmare. I have trouble when I pass up on a free agent running back in fantasy football that ends up exploding because a receiver like Will Fuller looked good the first few weeks. Get all the way to the submit page and then pussy out only to see that running back go bananas on someone else’s team and become a keeper for next season. Catherine Hettinger is experiencing all that except instead of losing a thousand bucks or so and the ability to talk shit to all your friends, she loses kabillions of dollars. All because she didn’t spend $400 on a toy’s patent that didn’t sell squat for 2 decades and then went super duper viral out of the blue. The fact she hasn’t jumped off the nearest bridge makes her a better person than I.

And the worst part? There is no way Catherine can get her spin on like the rest of us. Everytime she spins that little bundle of joy, she has to see dollar signs leaving her bank account at a rapid pace. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

Okay, yeah I would. I definitely would.

P.S. Is it crazy that I’m already thinking of upgrading to a Fidget Cube?

Nah can’t do that when my #SpinSquad is still growing.