Last Night's Appearance By Darth Frankie Midnight Has Left Me SHOOK


For those that missed Frank’s electric vlog last night:

Wow. Just wow. When I saw Frank in the Darth Vader mask, I thought we’d have a little “May The Fourth Be With You” greeting followed by our typical rundown of the happenings in the sports world. Instead we got a performance that Harrison Ford would give a standing O to. Nailed everything in production quality from the breathing to the music to Vader’s ruthless tone. The Tank doesn’t break character the entire time and even references the Great Jedi Purge of 19 BBY. I think Frank truly believed he was Darth Vader during that video. And you know what? So do I. Frank briefly became Darth. You don’t get performances like that unless you go to a very different place like Heath Ledger before he became The Joker.

I know I was worried about my role at Barstool when Glenny came in
just because we were both big, happy guys that loved the Mets and Giants. But there has clearly been enough room for the two of us to comfortably create content in our own worlds. Frankie Midnight is a big guy as well, but not only does he have an equal love passion for the Mets as I do, but he is apparently a Star Wars geek like me that also doesn’t mind getting a little weird on video sometimes. Those are three of my bread and butter plays. I would say that this is just some good competition that will only make me better. I also realize that the tank may be coming and there is nothing I can do to get out of its way before it runs me over. Guy has been blogging for more than 15 years with in depth sports knowledge to match. How can I compete with that and this type of electricity? How can anyone? You know how in The Incredibles the super villain builds that machine that has everyone’s powers? What if Frank The Tank is Portnoy’s machine, taking all of our powers so Dave only has to pay one guy. Makes you think. And it makes me scared.