A 'Nice Guy' Tried To Pick Up A Chick Over DM, Got Her Number, And Proceeded To Blow It In Unimaginable Ways






Someone was feeling himself a liiiiiiittle too much when the number went out without him even asking. And I don’t blame him, there’s no way that “if you wanna know a good guy that doesn’t cheat haha and has a Harley hur durr” shit should have flown for a second. So he thought he was in, overplayed his hand to try to show how cool and not like other guys he is, and then went completely off the rails there. Verbal self-cockblocking diarrhea x 1000. But other than his possible insanity, it’s so frustrating to see the guy shoot himself in the foot like that. He made his intentions clear, she was feeling it for whatever reason likely stemming from ungodly loneliness, and then he completely went down in overly apologetic flames. It’s true in every aspect but in this case especially: Get the number, don’t overthink it, get out.

But realistically a guy like this would have blown it somehow anyway. If you could snatch a gigantic L from the jaws of a win like this, there’s no telling the many ways he could have blown this situation. Sending creepy things to her house including but not limited to his own finger in a box, showing up at her work in a furry costume without any notice because he couldn’t “Bear” not to see her, strangling her while apologizing profusely because he “loves her too much,” it was really all on the table. Lucky for this girl to get away now, sucks for this guy to blow it this bad, and I think we can all agree that both Harley and Davidson would be spinning in their graves if they knew this guy was one of their customers.

(h/t Imgur)