A Cam Girl Was Put Into A Shark Cage For An Underwater Live Show Aaaand She Got Bit By A Shark

YouTube/Camsoda – In Camsoda’s first live underwater broadcast attempt, Molly Cavalli jumped into a shark cage off the coast of Florida.

The underwater broadcast had to be cut short when Molly’s foot stuck out of the cage and was bitten by a lemon shark. Don’t worry though, Molly is doing just fine. She had to get 20 stitches but she is in good spirits and grateful for her quick recovery.

Nothing worse than trying to do a pioneering cam show underwater and getting a limb almost bitten off by a shark. And for a second I thought this might be some viral marketing ploy, like this girl wasn’t really bitten by a shark and it was just something to get this cam site some attention. But NOPE:

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 10.52.15 AM

And honestly that moment where you see the blood in the water and she’s pulling her leg out was fucking HARROWING. I assumed she wasn’t going to come out with just a stump given that this was uploaded to their YouTube channel and everything but who knows when you’re dealing with sharks and chicks in sexy onesies crying their eyes out over being possibly mangled for their life choices. That’s got to be a real sobering moment for her too. From what a quick Google and refractory period tells me, Molly Cavalli has been a porn chick mostly doing lesbian porn for years, the Diet Coke of porn. But now she’s been around for a while, is a cam girl, getting her foot bitten by a shark…that’s got to be a sobering moment. You’ve gone so next level to try to satiate some dudes’ fetishes online that you’re risking a peg leg for it. If that’s not a moment that makes you question every decision that got you there, I don’t know what is.

Plus you just know there are a few dudes watching this or viewing the show live who loved every second. Some guy saw that blood in the water or her crying over her shark bitten foot and this was the moment he realized he had a VERY specific fetish and dropped the best nut ever. Gonna be awfully expensive to find women who’ll be bitten by sharks on the regular for that dude.

Anyway it’s Friday, here’s more of Molly in happier unsharkbitten times:



^maybe the shark was mad her ass appropriated Jaws culture here