Mike Brown Laughed His Dick Off At The $500 Price Tag Of Lonzo Ball's Shoes

That laugh right there is about as disrespectful as it gets. A legit belly laugh or tears of laughter would have been even more spit in Big Baller Brand’s face. But make no mistake about it, the (replacement) head coach of the best basketball team in the universe laughing at your shoe before adding an “uhhh no” and ending his press conference can’t be settling for the board of Big Ball Brand (Read: Lavar Ball).

Actually I take that back. Lavar probably loves this shit. Chaos is a ladder for him. Those shoes have been the talk of the internet since they were unveiled yesterday. It’s Lonzo that has to hate this. Kid worked his whole life to get into the NBA and have his own shoe. People were laughing at his dad for all the nonsensical shit he was saying. But now they are laughing at his first shoe and it’s not even that bad. But $500 is outrageous. $200 for the slips is outrageous. And since Lonzo is no longer a Bruin and not yet drafted, nobody has his back except for his dad. Even Dicky V is taking cheap shots.

Which is why I am asking Lonzo to find a way to end up a Knick. Knicks fans are used to being laughed at and put up a fight against the haters for damn near two straight decades. We will fight to the end of the Earth for our point guard and some of us have the disposable income for a $500 pair of basketball shoes from an independent brand. Definitely not me. But the corporations that spend millions to fund the horse shit franchise year after year. Sure the team stinks, the owner is the worst person alive, and the city always smells. But us Knicks fans fight for our own tooth and nail. I need the Ball family and they need New York.

Or L.A., which is a muchhhhhh better fit for the Balls and more likely to get a Top 3 pick. But I need to dream of something right now.