Don Cherry Keeps His Hot Streak Going, This Time Sets His Sights On Nick Bonino

Nick Bonino is obviously a friend of the program. But I look to Don Cherry as a father figure so I’m sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. I also hate the fucking shit out of the Washington Capitals so watching them get hosed on this call exactly like what Oshie did to Bonino a year ago was extremely gratifying for me. But if Grapes is sour overNick Bonino, well then I guess I’m sour too.

It’s just not the Canadian way. Sure, Bonino is from Connecticut. But it’s just not the Canadian way. You wear shirts and ties. You’re not some pussy soccer player. You grab some Poutine, wash it down with some Molson, take a quick shot of maple syrup, get your ass out there and play like a man. Simple as that. You don’t fake injuries. Knock it off! We’re Canadians, dammit. Even if we’re from Hartford, Connecticut.

“He ices the puck again. He ices again. Now he gets the puck again. He ices it again. That’s how dumb he is. And he does it again. And he’s a guy. I’d like to say. And he’s got him here. He’s a ragdoll. This guy’s not a good hockey player as far as I’m concerned” – Don Cherry, 2017.

I don’t think anybody in the world is better at their job than Ron MacLean is at dealing with Don every night.

P.S. – “We Wear Shirts And Ties. We’re Not Soccer Players” needs to be on a shirt by the end of the day. Preferably in a tshirt designed to look like one of Don’s suits.