Ian Poulter Is Talking Directly To Me With This Instagram Post About The Pluses And Minuses Of Social Media

Hey Ian, @ me next time. Dude is talking directly to me and I can’t even get a shout out on Instagram. Come on man. I need to get my Insta followers up in a big way. Also, just shut the fuck up Ian. You’re playing with house money right now. You lost your PGA Tour card and then by some miracle, you got it back. He should be riding his high horse and sticking his finger in the eyes of the haters. Not crying about how wahhhhhhhhh social media is kind of a bad place and people say mean things sometimes. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Are you new? Of course people are mean on social media. It doesn’t help when you’re the biggest asshole in the world. He’s part of the problem. Not to mention Poulter is a hypocrite. He uses social media in evil ways too AKA trying to get everybody fired who objects to his point of view. Fuck you dude.

PS- What is he talking about when he says his social media isn’t just “golf golf golf”? I mean it’s not just golf but the other stuff he posts is his Ferrari collection and how he takes private jets everywhere. Does he think that’s what people want to see? He might be even less self aware than I thought.