May Madness: UMass Lax Scores Ridiculous Buzzer Beater From Midfield To Beat Hofstra

At the buzzer. To knock off #14 Hofstra in the CAA Tournament. And now 7-7 UMass is just 1 more win away from the NCAA Tourney. We knew this year of college lacrosse has been fucky since the very beginning. Why would we think it would be any different in May? UMass started their season 0-4. Hofstra started their season 10-0. The last time these teams played was just 2 weeks ago and Hofstra waxed that ass 15-8. But that’s why you don’t win championships in February, you don’t win championships in March and you don’t win championships in April. Doesn’t matter how good your team played earlier in the year if you don’t bring it in May and the Fourth was clearly with UMass last night. Redshirt senior Dan Muller said fuck an overtime and called game right then and there.

Have a day, boys. Have. A. Day.

We’ll have some more recaps from the games last night in the weekend preview blog later today. But this shit was too nice to save until then. The Minutemen at the buzzer. They’ll have Towson tomorrow for the CAA Championship. Gonna be hard to follow up that performance but obviously the boys are playing with house money now. Let ‘em fly.