Orioles Split With The Red Sox As Manny Goes Over The Monster Again

Well that last game was pretty anti climatic, eh? Compared to the first three games, this was a walk in the park. The Orioles and Red Sox series was full of fireworks this week, whether it was Adam Jones getting called the n word, Dylan Bundy hitting Mookie Betts, Chris Sale throwing 98 behind Manny, Manny going yaya off Sale and basically walking around the bases, Manny’s f bomb rant, the wild triple play, or the embarrassment of the umpires throwing out Kevin Gausman for a 76 mph curveball that hit Xander Bogaerts. I feel like this series lasted forever, but it was only 4 games. Baltimore got the split in the series, which didn’t look something that would happen when their starter only went an inning on Wednesday, and they had to use Thursday’s starter out of the bullpen later that night. Even with their up-and-down play in the Yankees and Sox series, Baltimore is now 17-10 and a half game behind New York for first. Boston is 3 games outta first, Tampa is 4 out, and Toronto, well who cares. I’m with Feits and Jared when they said this has the feeling of a real rivalry now.

The good guys won 8-3 with the help of Tyler Wilson, who was called up from AAA Norfolk earlier yesterday, and who else? Manny Machado. Wilson, who came into the game with 11 scoreless innings at Fenway, looked like he wasn’t going to last long into the game. Tyler gave up 3 runs through 3 innings, but settled down and ended up going 6 with 3 R, 6 hits, 1 K, and 0 walks. I’ll take that quality start any day, especially on the road in Fenway. For all the shit that was thrown at him this series, Manny Machado put on quite a show. He had a handful of insane plays in the field during these 4 games, had 4 hits in the series, and 3 of them were absolute no doubter home runs. He’s now tied for second for the most home runs hit at Fenway this season, not sure if that is good or not. He had his two longest home runs of the stat cast era in this series, along with two of his slowest home run trots, he wanted Boston to enjoy his slow walks around the bases. You don’t have to like Manny Machado, but you absolutely have to respect his game. It seems like the more you piss him off, the farther his homers go.

Seth Smith is the undercover hero of last night’s game though, he went 4-4 and was on base 5 times, stole home, and raised his average from .222 to .286. Not a bad night at all for the guy that the Orioles got for Yovani Gallardo. Just an absolute steal. In total, the O’s hammered out 17 hits, and every starter had at least 1. They had plenty of chances to blow this game open too, just couldn’t capitalize.

Speaking of not being able to capitalize…Chris Davis might as well be alone on an island, because that guy is lost. JJ Hardy, who is on his last legs, has more runs driven in than this Orioles slugger. Davis just closed out the month of April with 33 Ks in 80 at bats. His season total is up to 39, and he only has 3 bombs and 6 driven in. He is up there flailing at lefties, looks at every third call right down the pipe, and is just up there guessing. If he’s looking fastball, and you go slider, there is no chance he’s swinging. Even though he’s batting .270 against lefties this season, I just have 0 confidence in him at the plate. I know he’ll go on a tear where he hits 11 bombs in a month and carries the team, but in the meantime, he looks bad. Couple that with Trumbo barley hitting over .200, and the 4-5 hitters in this lineup are a blackhole of Ks and roll overs to second. Luckily, Davis hasn’t let this change his defense cuz he’s still a stud there.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.38.15 PM

Good news for the Orioles, Chris Tillman is expected to start on Sunday against the White Sox. This will be his season debut for a team who desperately needs him back in the rotation. Bad news is he looked like crap in all his rehab starts, including his 5 IP, 5 H, 4 HR outing for Norfolk earlier this week. I’m not a real numbers guy when it comes to big leaguers rehabbing in the minors, but that isn’t good. He’s been prone to the long ball in his rehab starts, but I’m just worried that his velocity was only around the upper 80s. Can’t get by with high 80s that doesn’t move. It’ll be interesting to see how he looks and how long his leash is on Sunday, but the O’s should benefit from a healthy Tillman.

The other injury news is that Welington Castillo is on the 10 day DL with tendinitis in his shoulder. IT all started earlier this week when he was in the lineup, then pulled mysteriously an hour before the game. I DEFINITELY wasn’t thinking it was a suspension or steroids or anything….. Buck originally said neck spasms, but it turns out to be shoulder tendinitis. Apparently he can catch, and swing a bat, but his problem is throwing. Give him some time off, let Caleb Joseph swing the bat for 10 days, which he has been doing as of late, and then we can get Castillo back next week. No worries here.



Friday, May 5th vs White Sox- Wade Miley (1-1 2.32) vs Miguel Gonzalez (3-1 3.27)

Saturday, May 6th vs White Sox- Dylan Bundy (4-1 1.82) vs Dylan Covey (0-2 7.29)

Sunday, May 7th vs White Sox- Chris Tillman (0-0 0.00) vs Jose Quintana (2-4 4.10)

O’s get their second non-division series of the year started as Chicago comes to town, where we will see old friend, Miguel Gonzalez. There’s no doubt in my mind that Miggy goes 7 and gives up 2 in his return to Camden. Miley has been on point this season, even with his walk problems, and we all know about Dylan Bundy, stud. As I mentioned above, Tillman makes his season debut against Jose Quintana. We will see how Tillman looks, I’ll keep an eye on his velocity, and we’ll see if he can get rid of the long ball problem that he had in his rehab starts.

Let’s see if Manny can stay in this zone he’s in, and is guys like Trumbo, Davis, and Hardy can get out of some major slumps. O’s have a nice chance to make up some ground this series as the Yanks head to Chicago to play the Cubs, but let’s just focus on taking 2-3 before the Expos head into town.


PS. We may have some shirts coming?