Kelly Olynyk's Flopping Is A Disgrace To Basketball

What in the world was that? The Wizards are trying to play hard nosed basketball and Kelly Olynyk is out there flopping around like a fish. Is Olynyk trying to cost the Celtics the series? They are already up 2-0 and he is throwing bad screens and then tipping over like he’s a plate of spaghetti, almost as if he is trying to change the momentum in favor of the Wizards. Never seen anything like it. Oubre had no choice but to try and have a talk with him, and all Olynyk could do was flop. Actually surprised they didn’t bring the wheelchair out for him. Complete momentum changer for the Wizards. Brad Stevens might think long and hard about allowing Olynyk to play game 4 if he’s dead set on costing his team like that.

PS: Yikes!