Big Baller Brand Unveils Their First Shoe For $495, Slippers For $220

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Press play for the total Big Baller Brand experience:

Big Baller Brand. What an incredible tale. A real Horatio Alger story. Oh Nike, Adidas, Under Armor dont want me? Well I’ll just make my own shoes. I’ll make a Chef Curry x Kobe hybrids with a touch of the old Gilbert Arenas Adidas and I’ll sell them for fucking $500! I’ll make slippers for $220! Lavar “I represent everything that America Stands For, Including Racism” Ball!

Who knows if anyone will buy them, but theres nothing more American than saying “fuck it, I’ll do it myself and go all in on my family.” I know you can guarantee at least one pair will be purchased*

*And expensed through Barstool Sports because theres no way I’m dropping 500 of my own dollars.