Here's A Dude Trying To Capitalize On The Viral Airline Videos Getting Shut The Fuck Down By A Delta Gate Agent

YouTube – Family traveling with young kids humiliated by several rude and sarcastic Delta employees. Delta is based in ATL. One would think the QC at their hub would be much better. This is what happens when there is a lack of choices at an airport.

And now after all the things that have gone viral showing shoddy treatment by airlines comes the next wave: People trying DESPERATELY to get in on the trend and make a little cash or pick up some free miles in the name of controversy. I kinda hated the customer service lady’s approach and totally get why it’d piss the dude off but honestly what else is she going to do in this spot? Her only defense against this dude trying to ratchet things up is to lay out the argument for why he’s the idiot and not her, keep your insincere customer service smile and tone on even as the woman clearly wants to tear him a new one, and let the video speak for itself. It’s hard to feel bad for airlines given all the ways they fuck up but given how these things work, there’s no way he’s the only one with a minor axe to grind looking to cash in.

PS weird week in the Delta Atlanta terminal:

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 3.38.17 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 3.39.01 PM

…I could definitely see how a Delta worker has had enough with passenger bullshit after that. The fact she’s able to keep a smile on her face and doesn’t look like she stared into the Ark of the Covenant following that situation is a net win any way you slice it.