Sad Manny Machado Is Sad -- Section 10 Podcast Ep. 87



On Episode 87 of the Section 10 Podcast, we’ve got a lot of Red Sox-Orioles shit to get to. We open with the audio of Chris Sale throwing behind Manny Machado and Machado flipping out to the media afterwards. We address the Adam Jones story, whether or not any of us have witnessed any type of racism at Fenway Park in all our years of going there, the standing ovation that Jones got at Fenway and the people who ripped it.

Switching gears, we slob all over Chris Sale and how amazing he’s been, Pedro Martinez putting Sale over, the timing of Sale throwing behind Machado being literally the next batter after Fenway gave Jones a standing ovation, how that might’ve been Sale’s “I’m the captain now” moment in Boston, how this Red Sox team is too nice and they need more guys like Sale, how Machado basically said that if it weren’t for the suspension he’d face that he would go out to the mound with a baseball bat, Machado calling somebody in the Red Sox dugout a “fucking pussy”, how the only way this ends is if and when they finally brawl, how Pablo Sandoval’s Instagram boxing videos could actually come in handy now, breaking the Steven Wright knee surgery story and how beat writers will ignore the fact that I had it 24 hours before them in order to avoid citing Barstool.

We wrap things up with some Down in the DM — What the odds are that Chris Sale could pitch a 20 strikeout game, which became a debate of whether we’d want to see a no-hitter, a perfect game or a 20-strikeout game. MFK Friendzone — Jonathan Papelbon, Koji Uehara, Keith Foulke and Craig Kimbrel. Was it weird that the Red Sox did a video package for Jon Lester, John Lackey and Koji Uehara together versus Lester getting his own?

Also, in case you missed it, we had former Oakland A’s pitcher and ESPN analyst Dallas Braden on as our guest earlier this week. You can check that interview out here!


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