Two Parents Got Their 13-Year-Old Daughter Super Drunk On 10 Shots Of Vodka For Her Birthday, Now They're Going To Jail

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Morning Call – An Allentown couple who allowed their 13-year-old daughter to celebrate her birthday by doing shots of vodka pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges Wednesday in Lehigh County Court.

Charles Younger Jr., 39, and Michelle Edwards, 32, will be sentenced next month and could each serve more than a year in the county jail.

Their daughter consumed up to 10 shots of vodka and was airlifted to a hospital after a drinking party at their home with a blood-alcohol level of .32 percent — four times the legal limit to drive in Pennsylvania.

The couple fled when a friend called 911 after finding the girl unconscious and vomiting, Assistant District Attorney Sarah Heimbach said. The mother later posted about the crime on Facebook.

I won’t sit here and tell you it sounds like good judgment to give your daughter 10 shots of vodka for her 13th birthday. That seems like suboptimal parenting no matter how you shake it. And the .32 blood alcohol level and unconscious vomiting child is likely a bad look when having friends get together to celebrate her special day. But isn’t it better she got blacked out until the point of possibly needing her stomach pumped in the safety of her own home? And mentioning that the .32 blood alcohol level is four times the legal limit to drive seems silly. Where was she driving? She’s only 13. What was she going to get on her Power Wheels all fucked up and sideswipe a family? Of course not, and even if she were she was barely conscious anyways. I mean come on, use your brain judicial system.

So sure if you want to arrest families for having a little too much fun or, if you’re a pessismist drowning their child in alcohol to teach them an important and possibly deadly lesson, then arrest these two. But I can tell you one person/soon-to-be-orphan who learned a valuable lesson about drinking too much. You think she’s going to get on the horse again any time in the next five years after all that? The brutal hangover coming from 10 shots of cheap vodka (you know they didn’t waste the good stuff on this kid, not like she knows the difference) taught her a valuable life lesson many don’t learn until much later on in their years. A year in jail and not seeing your kid is a small price to pay for instilling that kind of distilled knowledge in her.