Lucky Customers Bought Bottles Of Gin With Double The Amount of Alcohol Than Advertised

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Money - Canadian health authorities have launched a nationwide recall of Bombay Sapphire gin after bottles containing nearly double the advertised amount of alcohol were discovered.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said the bottles were found to contain 77% alcohol by volume rather than the typical 40%.

Bombay Sapphire is produced by the private firm Bacardi, which is well know for its rum products and Grey Goose Vodka.

The company said that up to 6,000 Bombay Sapphire bottles may be affected. The 1.1 liter bottles were sold only in Canada.

“The over proof product inadvertently entered the bottling line during a short period of time — [up to] 45 minutes — when [workers] were switching from one bottling tank to another bottling tank,” the firm said.


Some people get all the luck, eh? These Canadians thought they were going to the store for a quick bottle of gin, just to get the edge off, and next thing they know they’re 5 sheets to the wind going crazy in their igloos and riding their zambonis around the block.

I see how the practice of doubling the alcohol content in a bottle of gin could prove to be problematic, but at the same time, I sort of like the gamble in it. What if you drank a bottle and didn’t know if it was 30% ABV, 50% ABV, or if you were basically drinking Everclear? A little Russian roulette, if you will. 3 shots in you’re either falling down the stairs and texting your ex girlfriends, or you’re sober as a shrimp and wondering when it’s gonna kick in.

Whoever got these lucky bottles, god bless them. It’s a 2 for the price of 1 deal, so in a way, Bombay should be asking them for more money, not for the bottle back.

h/t GB