Jay Cutler Reportedly Pursuing Broadcasting Career

I am all in for this. I wrote a few months ago that I had a sneaking suspicion Cutler would retire this offseason, and that belief only strengthened when we had Ian Rapoport on PMT and he said the Texans didn’t want him. So this seems like a pretty logical spot for him and honestly I think he’ll crush it. If Jay Cutler can be himself he will make a great broadcaster. Way better than Tony Romo who I think is the classic super nice guy and friendly to the media type who everyone assumes will be awesome for no real reason (i.e. Tiki Barber). But if Cutler can be Cutler, and by that I mean honest, funny, and self deprecating (this part is crucial) he could be the rare player to broadcaster that is compelling and not cookie cutter. Now that’s a big if because networks always find a way to strangle the life out of their talent, and my guess is there will be a learning process that won’t be super smooth, but I have hope. I’m all in for the Jay Cutler booth life, buy buy buy.


Not telling the networks how to do their job but if Jay Cutler has a “Don’t Care” pass of the game similar to the Gruden Grinder segment, it will be electric television.