John Paxson Says The Bulls Are Still Dealing With The Derrick Rose Injury

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I realized yesterday after I spent an hour of my day screaming at my computer as Gar/Pax talked about getting “younger and more athletic” for the third straight offseason that I’ve become “that guy”. The fan that is stuck in permanent complaining mode. It’s a never ending cycle and to be honest it’s never been in my DNA. I’m a “Bulls are back” guy, an optimistic fan through and through. I’m the guy that looks at the Bears 2017 schedule like one of those Magic Eye posters until I see a 10-6 record. Everyone knows where I stand, I think the Bulls ownership, front office, and coaching staff is full of incompetent people top to bottom. I’m on the record. So I’m going to walk away from it for now, until someone in that office wakes up and heads begin to roll there’s no reason for me to complain. I don’t want to be a broken record, no one wants that, and if they’re going to sit in front of us in 2017 and say that they’re still reeling from the Derrick Rose injury then I quit. It’s one of those situations where they’re so far gone there isn’t even a reason to complain about it. The majority of fans agree with my stance so belaboring it is futile. Fuck all of them, and fuck John Paxson especially for throwing Fred Hoiberg under the bus non stop yesterday. You fucking hired him, you helped put together the roster, have a modicum of responsibility one fucking time. Buffoons, all of them. We’re on to the draft.