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Smitty Vs. Nate Finally Play Head's Up To Decide Who The Best Poker Player In All The Land/Office

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And here, we, GO. The Spider Monkey finally accepts the challenge to dance with the devil by the pale moon light. Each of us have dabbled in the art 7th level of hell that is professional online poker. It basically ruined my life while Nate enjoyed a little bit of success out of the country in Menegroth Manchester, as well as cashing a few big diddy’s here and firing live bullets. So after a few years of talking about it, we’re finally deciding to be about it. Tonight. 7pm. @Barstoolsports on Twitch. Live.

Winner walks into the sunshine of greatness, loser gets shoved into the cage for a day full of blogging*. Let’s dance.

*This is all assuming Nate has the guts and/or nuts to show up and play tonight. Or if he shows up to work in general. No, he is not in yet. I’m sure it’s my fault someway, somehow. CUE THE MUSIC!!!