Tony Parker Is Out For The Rest Of The Post Season

As a life-long Spurs fan, this one stings. I mean, sure. I’ve only really been a Spurs fan for like a month but I had high hopes, and losing Tony Parker hurts those hopes. Losing a veteran point guard in the midst of a playoff run is not ideal, but our beloved Spurs arent dead yet.

Although Tony scored 18 last night, Patty Mills will get more minutes. I’m a huge Patty Mills fan. Patty can absolutely light it up when he gets the chance to.

Jonathon Simmons will also get a chance to play a lot more which is actually good especially if you’re a dunk guy. Love dunks.

I’d like to have Tony in the lineup, but the Spurs will be faster and quicker by default for the rest of the playoffs; they’ll just have far less experience.

And that was talkin Spurs.