The Patriots Invite a Rookie to Camp Due to His Insane Trick Shot Kicking Videos

Mike ReissFor a reminder that the New England Patriots look for talent in unconventional places, consider the story of kicker Josh Gable.

The Nebraska native didn’t play football in college but has been crushing it for the Nebraska Danger of the Indoor Football League. Now the Patriots are scheduled to take a look.

The Patriots’ connection to Gable, which was reported last week by the local ABC affiliate in Nebraska, also highlighted his participation in the Spring League, an independent developmental league that completed its inaugural season last month.

Gable’s agent, Brad Berkowitz, said Wednesday he believes Gable is capable of kicking in the NFL and just needs a chance. The Patriots are curious enough to have invited Gable to their upcoming minicamp, which includes rookies. … As part of his sales pitch, he has relayed numerous videos, with two notable ones showing Gable cranking an 80-yard field goal and showcasing his accuracy by consistently nailing tall light poles, and doing so midway up the poles.

Bill freaking Belichick, proving once again there is no player too unconventional that he will not give him a try, no stone he will not turn over, no place on the globe he will not look to find someone to win him his 8th ring. Whether it’s turning Stephen Neal, a wrestler who did not play college ball, into  a 10-year veteran. Drafting Kent State’s quarterback in the 7th round and making him the clutchest slot receiver in the game. Drafting a long snapper who serving his commitment in the U.S. Navy. Taking a UDFA corner from West Alabama and making him a household name. Or looking at a kicker from the Nebraska Danger by way of the Snoop League or wherever.

Belichick would send scouts anywhere to gain a competitive edge. Malta. Easter Island. The Parts Unknown that masked wrestlers come from. The Island of Dr. Moreau to find guys who’ve been genetically modified with animal DNA. I’m sure Berkowitz had plenty of NFL personnel guys delete his emails and block his calls because they think it’s a waste of their time to look at a kicker who only does trick shots. But Belichick probably has an entire scouting file on Dude Perfect on his PC, just in case he thinks some bros who can shoot baskets from a rooftop might help him someday. And those guys have nothing on Josh Gable.

Here are a few more samples of his wizarding powers:

Can he kick balls in an NFL game? Cover kicks? Hit field goals under pressure? Levitate objects with his mind? I don’t know. Probably. But you won’t find out not inviting him to rookie camp and giving him his shot.

The only downsides I can see is the obvious character concern that he uploads his videos to Vimeo instead of YouTube, which is a huge red flag. That added to the fact that the current Patriots kicker is my new best friend in the world. Ours is a friendship forged by the bond of signing autographs together. But Stephen Gostkowski is not a man who shies away from a little competition. Even from someone who clearly does magic. Bring it, Josh Gable.

Me & Gostkowski