Dottie Pepper Quits Twitter After On-Air Screw Up, Says She's Sick Of The Trolls And Idiots

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Golf Digest- CBS Analyst Dottie Pepper is one of the more outspoken, opinionated voices in the sport. She doesn’t suffer fools, and her assertive tone is a welcomed cadence in the chummy landscape of golf media. It’s also a spirit that some construe as abrasive, a sentiment she occasionally brings on herself. Which brings us to this peculiar news item. The two-time major winner quit Twitter this week after an on-air interview flub with Scott Brown at the Zurich Classic. After incorrectly telling Brown he hadn’t won or been in contention before, Brown politely corrected Pepper, reminding her he won the 2013 Puerto Rico Open. (It’s also worth noting Brown finished T-2 earlier this year at the Genesis Open.) But instead of letting the mistake pass, Pepper compounded the issue by stating Brown hadn’t contended in a “full-field, regular event.” Combined with a somewhat demeaning inflection, the episode came off as petty and disrespectful. So when the 51-year-old shut down her Twitter account — rather than take the heat and move forward — it seemed like a boorish, peevish move to some. However, in an email to SBNation, Pepper says the Brown response from “trolls” was so overwhelmingly acidic that it drove her off social media. “Tired of the idiots,” wrote Pepper to SBNation. “It is suspended by my own doing; can stay in that status for a year.”


Down goes Dottie! Down goes Dottie! We talked a little bit about this on Fore Play but I wanted to elaborate further here. I said on the podcast that this was a win for me and it was. I also wanna say that I have (or had) nothing against Dottie. Did she block me on Twitter for basically no reason? Yeah she did. Do I think she STINKS at her job? Yeah I do but that’s an objective take. A ton of people think that. She isn’t good on TV. She’s awkward and weird and there’s a lot of cringe-y moments. Then she goes and completely screws up her interview with Scott Brown. Just spewing blatantly wrong information and then being condescending to the guy once she got called out. So then people went after her on Twitter and she quit. So I win. Technically I’m not blocked by her anymore, right? Sounds right to me. Dottie just isn’t cut out for Twitter.

This is what Dottie blocked me for on Twitter by the way

That was it. That tweet fucking sucks. I’ll raise my hand and admit that. But as you can see I didn’t @ her. So she must’ve searched her name and blocked anybody who made fun of her. That’s a dangerous game on Twitter. If you go looking for your own name on Twitter you’re just asking to find trolls and idiots.