Adorable Alert: Little Girl Stunts On All Of Her Friends With Her New Prosthetic Leg

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.21.17 AM

Nothing was better than getting new shoes as a kid. Hell, it’s pretty fucking great as an adult too. I can’t even imagine how legit this little girl feels showing up to school and ready to stunt all over her haters with her new pink leg. I bet they call her “Blades” now.

When you were little and put on a new pair of shoes, you thought you were the fastest person in the world. You could have been 7-years-old but you just knew in your heart of hearts that you could dunk. You wished a mother fucker would try to step in at the last moment to try to draw the charge. Hard to get that charge called when my little nuts are in your face because I’m playing WAY above the rim in my Reebok Kamikazes.


That’s how this girl felt. She knew that her friends would love it. They did. Hugs for everybody and then the race was on. Sure as shit, Blades was out front dominating the competition. Confidence does wonders for people and Blades is a perfect example of that. Good work, everyone. Have a beautiful day.