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Orioles Pitcher Kevin Gausman Is Ejected For Hitting Xander Bogaerts

God damnit. Just like that, Kevin Gausman hits X with a 76 mph curve and he’s gone from the game. Immediately ejected. Caleb Joseph was literally jumping in anger to protest the umpire throwing out Gausman, but I get why he was tossed. It was Kevin’s slowest pitch of the year.

Joe Torre had a conference call with John Farrell and Buck Showalter today and laid out the rules for the game. Let them know that there would be no warnings before the game, but bean balls wouldn’t be tolerated. Makes sense. Was Gausman’s pitch intentional? Absolutely not. No chance. But he hit him, he had to be tossed.

Gausman let the first breaking ball he threw of the game determine the rest of the series for the O’s. THey’ll have to use the pen for 9 innings tonight, which is not a good look. Hopefully this ends all this now, Gausman may be suspended, along with Chris Sale (??),  but I think it’s clear the umps messed this up. You could literally read Kevin’s lips as he yelled “CURVEBALL, CURVEBALL, CURVEBALL” to the ump. But the umpire had his mind made up.

Watch the damn pitch and react that way, don’t react to the final result. Kevin Gausman is NOT the guy to throw at people, he’s been so bad this year I don’t think he could hit Bogaerts again if he tried.

Now he’ll get a nice shower, appeal his suspension, and hopefully pitches tomorrow. But I think I speak for everyone when I say I pray to the high heavens that this stuff is done now.