Raining Sewage Water Must Have Brightened Up This Morning's Commute At Penn Station

Patch- Penn Station commuters just can’t catch a break. Today, New Jerseyans and Long Islanders on their way to work were treated to the lovely sight of what appears to be sewage water seeping, and later gushing, from a station ceiling. The leak appeared to be concentrated near track 19, which serviced the Babylon line this morning, according to witnesses.

Frank The Tank’s Reaction (Probably):

I know I’m not the one that hands out cuncels around these parts and I am blessed enough to travel to Grand Central whenever I do commute to the city. But we need to cuncel Penn Station and we needed to cuncel it yesterday. The bums. The grime. The absolute chaos whenever a train track is announced. The fact that even the slightest issue can hamstring commutes for days or weeks, usually leading to Barstool HQ becoming a refugee camp for any interns living in Long Island or New Jersey. And now shit literally raining from the skies. The fact that not one, not two, but THREE important train lines past through this place is nothing short of remarkable. Cuncel that fucking DUMP.

In fact I will go a step further and say that we need to take the biggest trash bag the world has ever seen, wrap it around Penn Station and Madison Square Garden (with James Dolan inside of it) and dump it in a Staten Island landfill. We can build a new Garden in a new location since this isn’t the original MSG anyway and the current MSG was apparently out of championships for its teams. Move Penn Station across the street to the post office or whatever they have been planning to do forever. And give Rose’s Pizza the nicest piece of rent-controlled New York real estate available for carrying that shitty train station for years like LeBron did the Cavs before he went to the Heat. This city gets away with a lot for being the capital of the world. But poop water cascading down is where the line has to be drawn.