Tom Brady Being Relegated To Gisele's Photographer At The Met Gala Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

When I say this is laugh out loud funny I mean that just because it’s all I can do to keep from crying. This is a very, very sobering picture. It’s proof that no matter WHAT you do in life, you’re never going to be shit to your wife. I understand Gisele is very famous and rich in her own right, but it doesn’t matter if Tom Brady rescued her from the gutter, this is exactly what he’d be doing. There’s no such thing as wearing the pants with your wife. Win all the Super Bowls you wants, win all the MVPs you want, be the greatest in HISTORY at your profession… it doesn’t fucking matter, you’re still her lackey. You’re still at the ritziest party in the world, holding an iPhone, and being told “No. Delete it. Take another one. What’s wrong with you why do you keep messing this up? Turn the flash on. Wait, no, turn it off. Hang on hold my purse… actually I’m gonna clutch that. Ugh, whatever, I guess this one is fine.”

Tom Brady still has to do that shit, NEVER think you’re above it. You’re not.