Chris Sale Is 'Likely' To Be Suspended For Throwing Behind Manny Machado

Hang on. Let me get this straight. The league is “likely” going to suspend Chris Sale for throwing a foot behind Manny Machado’s quads, but this is okay:

And this is fine, too:

Might as well throw this one from last year in there from when Mookie Betts got a fastball up by his head for hitting five home runs in the two games prior, because no suspension was handed out for this one, either:

Before you cry about Boston homerism, I’m not saying that Sale doesn’t deserve to be disciplined for throwing behind Machado. If an umpire determines that a pitcher has deliberately thrown at a batter, then he can eject that pitcher from the game, and the league can discipline that pitcher as they see fit, without a warning being issued, via a fine, suspension, etc.

That’s what happened to Matt Barnes, who deserved the punishment that he was given for this:

All I’m saying is that if you’re going to suspend Sale, then Dylan Bundy needs to be suspended, too. Both pitchers very clearly threw at batters, but we’re gonna suspend the guy that missed and not the guy who actually hit a batter? The fuck is that? If you’re going to discipline the players for what’s been going on between the Red Sox and Orioles, then be consistent with it.

Now the Red Sox are in jeopardy of losing their best starting pitcher for a start or two, and the Orioles get to keep their best starting pitcher, even though both pitchers are guilty of doing the same thing, only the guy who isn’t facing a suspension did it a little bit worse by actually hitting a guy. Makes no sense.

UPDATE: Rosenthal clarified with this tweet here. No idea how you use the word “suspension” as a substitute for a warning or a fine. Those things are not the same, but whatever. The point still stands. If Sale is given a warning or a fine, then the same should apply to Bundy at the very least.

One more update: To all the Orioles fans who maintain that Bundy didn’t throw at Betts intentionally, you’re wrong. Orioles players have privately admitted that it was intentional. Take a lap.