This Beer Company Selling Racks Of 1,000 Beers Is A Stroke Of Genius

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GS- It was only a matter of time: 1,000-packs of beer have finally arrived. Bad news is they aren’t eligible for Amazon Prime Now just yet, so you’ll need to figure out how to get them home. Also, they’re only for sale in Finland. Even still, this is an impressive gimmick: The inspiration is partly to show up a rival beer maker. The massive packs of Keisari, which is brewed by Nokian Panimo are said to be a “spontaneous joke” in response to some (now fairly weak-seeming) 100-packs of beer from Karjala there were introduced last month. That said, the availability of these packs is “not a joke,” per Finnish media, and several K-supermarket stores around the country started selling the giant “1,000-päkki” of cans this weekend. 


These need to be real. If they’re not real it’s a HUGE mistake. Let me put this scenario in front of you. If someone sent you an invite that said, “Hey come over to my place and we’ll drink some beers. It’s BYOB so bring whatever you want” would you go? Maybe you would. Maybe you wouldn’t. It sounds like a perfectly fine party but nothing spectacular. Now what if someone sent you an invite that said, “Hey come over to my place and we’ll drink beer. It’s not BYOB however. I ordered a rack of 1,000 beers and we’re gonna sit around it and see how many we can drink”? You go to to that party 100 out of 100 times. Everybody goes to that party. It’s like a keggar but better because there’s a challenge involved. And then imagine the celebration if the party actually finishes all 1,000 beers? It would be like New Years Ever, Christmas and Mardi Gras all rolled into one. All I’m saying is people love drinking but they especially love a drinking challenge. Plop 1,000 beers down and throw a historic party. Beer companies should sell these ASAP.