Martin Shkreli Leaks Two Songs Off The "Carter V" Including One With Kendrick Lamar

TMZMartin Shkreli is not keeping good on his promise with Lil Wayne … he’s leaked 2 more tracks off Weezy’s painfully delayed “Tha Carter V” album.

The first track’s allegedly called “Mona Lisa” and it features Kendrick Lamar. The audio is choppy since Shkreli kept clicking through the track while he was live streaming, but he claims it’s the best song on the album.
He also played a small snippet of “The Life of Carter.”

Shkreli previously leaked a ‘Carter V’ track around Christmas, which seriously pissed off Weezy and his camp. There was talk of a lawsuit, but Shkreli promised he wouldn’t release any more songs. Shocker, he can’t be trusted.

Fuckin Shkreli! This guy man. The world’s greatest troll, ever, of all time. Already been in a fight with Weezy for leaking a Carter V song back in December.  So he does what any normal sane white boy who has been threatened by a gangster rapper with teardrop tattoos and a crew with at least double digit unsolved murders on their rap sheet  does…trolls him by releasing 2 more.  Just bumping that new Kendrick Lamar joint on his busted ass computer speakers.

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Shkreli hit the inbox with that HD rip when you have a chance, thanks.