Malcolm Butler Has Returned to Patriots Workouts


So it would appear our long (OK, three month), national (right, six state – quit interrupting my flow) nightmare is over. We can all come out of our Panic Rooms. Put the stockpile of MREs and bottled water back on the shelves. Stow that ammo. Crisis averted. Malcolm Butler is back doing his job and all is right with the world

You have to laugh at the Schleprocks who predict the End of Days every time a Patriots player and management have a drawn out negotiation. Even in a case like this when you confronted them with the fact that Butler is under team control and isn’t going anywhere unless it’s by their choice, they actually suggest Butler would hold out, cause problems and be the dreaded … (wait for it) disruption.

Right. Malcolm Butler. Our Malcolm Butler. The gritty & ballsy workaholic who eats weights in the gym and breaths video in the film room and turned himself from an UDFA into a top 10 corner overnight is going to sit home, wallow in self-pity and destroy the Super Bowl champs from within. So he had to … what? Be removed before he poisoned the waterhole. And Stephon Gilmore was coming here to replace Butler, not be an upgrade from Logan Ryan. Wrong again, assholes.

Of course the haters and contrarians say it ever other year about somebody. Logan Mankins was going to do the same. And Vince Wilfork. If you want to go back far enough, Ty Law. And those guys actually did hold out for a while. But ultimately they all understood that the best business decision they could make was to show up, play for a team that puts them in the best position to win and then either sign an extension or move on. And now Butler doing likewise.

He might be pissed off. He might resent that he’s making less than guys who aren’t as good. He might be doing the “Every time we call it a game, you call it a business!” thing:

But if so, he’s putting that anger to the best possible use. And there’s no reason to rule out getting him signed long term. Turning Malcolm Go into Malcolm Stay. But it all begins with him doing what he’s always done: Working his ass off.