Negative Nancy Stephen Hawking Says Humans Have To Leave Earth Within 100 Years To Survive

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CNET- There might be several reasons why you’d like to leave Earth in the near future. You might be enthralled by anything that moves Elon Musk. You might be troubled by the erratic nature of today’s geopolitics. You might have really enjoyed “The Martian.” As far as Stephen Hawking is concerned, everyone had better start making preparations. The astrophysicist has worried before that the Earth’s prospects are finite. He’s mentioned that the next 100 years might be the most dangerous for our planet. The threats he saw include nuclear war, genetically engineered viruses and global warming. Now, though, citing asteroid strikes and overpopulation as well as his previous fears, he seems firmer about leaving before 2117. Indeed, he’s making a TV program in which he begins to examine how we might swiftly take a one-way ticket beyond Earth. As the Telegraph reports, Hawking is making a documentary for the BBC called “Expedition New Earth.” It’s part of the return of a show called “Tomorrow’s World,” which was very popular in the last century.


Ummmmm yeah no shit, Captain Obvious. Thanks for telling us something we already know. That big brain is really working overtime. Normally I disagree with Stephen Hawking but on this I (and pretty much everyone else) agree with him. This place is fuuuuuuuuuucked. And why is it fucked? Cause we made it that way. The part I don’t love is how quick Hawking is ready to bail on this place. He needs to put that powerful brain to work and figure out a way to save this place. Doomsday proclamations are Hawking’s wheelhouse but it’s time we start getting some answers from him. It doesn’t take an IQ of 400 to say, “We need to get the hell off Earth cause we’ve ruined this place beyond repair.” Again, we know. Now let’s do something about it. I hate Elon Musk but if Musk and Hawking put their brains together I bet they can think of something. It doesn’t feel right just abandoning this place. I don’t feel great about treating Mother Nature like a hooker. Just using her then throwing up the deuces. Not cool.