Ex-Blazer Brandon Roy Reportedly Shot In The Leg As He Shielded Kids From Gunfire

Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Lakers

YAHOO!- Brandon Roy, the former NBA All-Star who reemerged as the nation’s top high school basketball coach this past season, is recovering after being shot in the leg over the weekend while shielding children from gunfire outside his grandmother’s house in Southern California, according to multiple reports.

The former Portland Trail Blazers guard was reportedly an innocent bystander when gunshots erupted at a gathering outside the Los Angeles-area home “in what may be a gang-related shooting,” per Seattle’s KING 5 television news station. USA Today’s Sam Amick confirmed the local report, citing a source who said “someone opened fire randomly” and Roy shielded nearby children from the gunfire. Roy has returned to the Seattle area and is expected to make a full recovery, KING 5 news reported.

When you think of NBA players that got a bad break, Brandon Roy is definitely on that list. The guy was super talented but his body just wouldn’t cooperate. So I guess you could read this story and think that bad luck continues to follow him around retirement. Catching a stray bullet in the leg for something he wasn’t involved with. But I think the better way to look at it is that those kids were lucky that he was there to shield them from the bullets. He walks away with a leg injury that will heal and they walk away with their lives. Again, we can always discuss what Brandon Roy could have been on the court if he stayed healthy. But after reading what he did for those kids as well as what he’s doing as a high school basketball coach, he’s clearly a real deal hero off the court. Get well soon Brandon.