I've Had Enough Of Jason La Canfora Trying To Be The Voice Of The Orioles' Fan Base


I’ve had this blog on the backburner for a long time now. This goomba spends every summer doing his best to act like he’s the voice of reason for all of us in Baltimore. Nonstop tweets, each of them dumber than the last about Buck is to blame for this, Duquette is to blame for that. I’ve grown to ignore it more and more as the past couple years have gone on, because the tweets are literally too dumb to even react to. So last night he fires off another doozy of a hot take:

Yes Jason, let’s continue this beanball buffoonery. Brilliant. But the idiocy of this tweet is besides the point. Tweets like his have been par for the course for him for years now, and usually I just let it go. But not today.

There’s been a lot of fingers pointed back and forth between Baltimore and Boston the past few days. A lot of folks have been appalled that seemingly nobody in Boston stepped up to whoever was yelling racial epithets at Adam Jones (and a collection of other black athletes) over the years. I can’t really speak to how true any of that is and I don’t really care to either, but this is the reputation Boston has developed and maintained. That’s unfair to a lot of decent people up there.

I’m here to do the same for Baltimore. Racist reputations and dumb baseball tweets are apples and oranges. They couldn’t be more different. But the sentiment remains. I won’t allow the words and actions of a hack NFL reporter with 550,000+ followers represent my city and my fan base. Especially one who’s a gigantic fraud like he is. Seriously. The fact that JLC is the biggest bandwagon Birds fan on the planet is the worst kept secret in Baltimore. Here’s a simple search of the word “Pedroia”:


Yes. Just 6 years ago, a Red Sox fan. The timing of when he made that switch is a little bit interesting too, to say the least.

Here’s 2011:


And here’s 2012:



Funny how that works. To be fair though, it’s not like JLC ever promised on record that he wasn’t a bandwagon jumper rooting for the Red Sox in the first place. Oh wait…

“Despite growing up in Baltimore, he is a rabid Boston Red Sox fan. How does a kid from Baltimore end up part of Red Sox nation? “It’s kind of lame, I agree, but I promise I am not a bandwagon, jumper.” He explains: “I was sitting out at old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore in the mid-80s with my Roger Clemens jersey on. Sadly, The Rocket’s ascent was a big part of why I was drawn to Red Sox nation, and since he’s left I’ve never been able to stomach the man”

What’s worse is that he continues to act as if the whole thing never happened. Only once has he really even addressed it, in this Washington Post piece that was written back in 2014 when he trolled Nats fans, and those Nats fans rightfully hammered him for his fraudulent fanhood. He did imply that he made the switch for the sake of his kids, which is fine I guess. I don’t have kids, so I can’t really speak to that situation. But that’s hardly the issue. Quietly switching allegiances and keeping it to yourself and your family is one thing. Pretending to be the voice of a fan base by firing idiotic tweets to a national audience is another thing. Especially when that audience of 550,000+ is only following you for the access to NFL news you’ve been given.

I’m so fucking sick of it. Everyone in Baltimore is sick of it. And now that the Orioles are going tit for tat with the Red Sox and have the national spotlight, it needs to be known that this clown doesn’t represent us when it comes to Baltimore baseball. You can’t flip flop and then act like you’re the voice of reason. He even followed up that Pedroia tweet last night with this retweet to try to rankle the same fan base that he was a part of for so many years:

Just stop. Nobody is buying your shit Jason. At least not anyone in Baltimore. And that’s why I had to write this blog. I need to make sure that everyone outside of Baltimore knows that this guy doesn’t represent us, not in the least. Go follow @BarstoolRDT. Guy churns out great content on a daily basis. Follow me. Hell, follow anyone else in Baltimore but this fucking guy.

My hands were tied. I didn’t want to have to do it. But this man must be stopped.