I Think Tommy Heinsohn Admires The Fuckingness Of Isaiah Thomas?

You know who can shut up right now? Every son of a bitch Oscar Martinez who’s gonna hit me with an “ACTUALLY, he said pluckiness.” Tommy Heinsohn didn’t say pluckiness, a word that exists in the English language, Tommy said fuckingness. You’ve never heard that before? Well, that’s because you’re stupid and bad at swearing. Fuckingness means… well, it means… fuckingness is defined as the ability to be really, really cool. He’s got a certain fuckingness to him. You can’t put your finger on it but you just know it’s impressive. Fuckingness can’t be characterized or quantified, you just know it when you see it and putting up 53, 29 in the 4th and OT, on your little sister who you just buried’s birthday IS fuckingness. Isaiah Thomas has fuckingness in spades.

PS – Autocorrect kept changing fuckingness to fuckingaess, is that a word? It just looks like “fucking asses” imho.