Yanks Connect On Five Homers and Beat Jays 11-5, Judge Continues To Be A Cyborg

On Monday, Marco Estrada quieted the Bronx Bombers bats for one night, but that was not the case last night. New York jumped on Mat Latos early, and stepped on his throat. Five home runs in total from all three outfielders, two from Gardy, one from Hicks, and two from the AL MVP Mr. Aaron Judge…

The second coming on a ten pitch battle against Jason Grilli. Last year could you imagine Aaron Judge being involved in ten pitch at bats? Not a chance, but he’s a different man (alien/cyborg) this year and his plate discipline has matured to a whole new level.

Oh yeah, he might be 6’7″ 280 pounds, but that boy can cover some ground in the outfield.

He never ceases to amaze me. Also, you’ll continue to hear about the comparisons to Jeter, in terms of how he carries himself in the clubhouse. This interview he gave after the game is text book Derek Jeter. The man is being mentioned in the same sentence as Babe Ruth and Alex Rodriguez and he can’t help but be humble and credit his teammates. God bless you Aaron.

Besides our favorite son having his finger prints all over this one, Tanaka pitched well overall. Having given the luxury to pitch with a 6-0 lead Tanaka attacked the zone and got beat a few times in the later innings, resulting in a few homers. It was his second straight start without a walk and fourth straight where he lasted into the seventh inning. In that seventh inning things got a bit dicey when the tying run stepped to the plate in Kendrys Morales. Dellin dispatched Morales with ease to escape trouble.

With Baltimore losing in Boston, the Yankees moved back into a tie for first (I don’t really care about this in May). What I do care about is that the O’s and Sox might literally murder each other before the season even gets to July. Every single night there’s a big problem with these two clubs. I’m fine just sitting back and letting these guys punch themselves in the face.

And oh, by the way…HE’S COMING

P.S. Judge did this during BP…

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