Manny Machado Goes Off After Red Sox Throw At Him Again

You’re looking at a guy who is sick of getting thrown at because a manager can’t control his team. We all know the story by now, Manny gave Pedroia a love tap on accident, what 2 weeks ago? Pedroia said he didn’t have a problem with the slide and that he was okay with it. Fast forward 2 days later, Matt Barnes tries to make Manny eat the rest of his meals out of a straw for the rest of his life, 90 MPH behind the head. Last night you had the Adam Jones racist slurs being tossed, but hidden in that game was Manny hitting a bomb. He took his time rounding the bases, just over 29 seconds, or the average time it took David Ortiz to round the bases after his homers. What also happened in that game was Dylan Bundy hitting Mookie Betts in the thigh. Boston fans considered it retaliation, I’m not sure why.

“BUT RDT, THOSE 2 PITCHES WERE HIS 2 FASTEST OF THE NIGHT”, who gives a shit? He’s trying to pound the inside corner against a hitter who feasts on inside pitches. “BUT RDT, IF HE HITS HIM AND PUTS THE TYING RUN AT THE PLATE IN THAT GAME THEN IT LOOKS LIKE HE DIDN’T DO IT ON PURPOSE AND HE WON’T GET SUSPENDED!!”. This was the dumbest shit I saw come out of that, please tell me why Dylan would voluntarily put the tying at the plate, red hot Hanley Ramirez. Get the fuck over yourself Boston.

Tonight we saw Boston fans on their high horses, “WE GAVE ADAM A STANDING O!”, only after a handful of guys yelled racial slurs at him, right after that, Manny gets thrown at AGAIN. This shit is on Farrell, it’s on the Red Sox. The Red Sox have thrown at him 5 times, 5. And not hit him. You had your chance Boston. Give it up and start playing baseball. Just because none of the pitches have hit Manny doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to be pissed at it. Guy is trying to hit and the Sox are so god damn obsessed with a slide that they can’t stop throwing at him.

Manny is pissed, and for good reason. You had your chance to hit him, you missed it. Move the fuck on. These teams play a dozen more times this year, are we going to have to be on edge and have both benches warned before every game? MLB needs to fix this stuff too, get rid of pitchers throwing at people. Manny is defenseless up there in the box against guys like Sale, Barnes, and Kelly. Manny takes one in the head and they go “oh, it slipped”, Manny’s out 2 months, while the flamethrower is out 5 games. It’s a god damn joke, and it’s a joke that the Red Sox are keeping this shit going.

Figure it out MLB, start going after the managers, and guys tossing the bean balls 2 weeks after a harmless slide. This shit is out of control. I don’t blame Manny for being upset, you try and go to work everyday knowing that some jerkoff is going to try and put one through your head.